“Arrr, Mateys!”

This week I answered some email questions sent in by shareholders. None of the information expressed was “insider” in nature, as it presented no previously unknown information regarding the company. This is a blog, and neither here, nor in email, can I mention specifics in private communications that would give any shareholder a personal trading advantage without a PR disclosure.

There are 3 pressing issues that we have received consistent communications on, that I will offer comment for.

1) Yes, the company has delayed the release of financials. Yes, there are good reasons for this. We wouldn’t be the first cannabis stock to do this, and probably won’t be the last. As a shareholder I understand that you may choose to disagree. BGMT’s business model has been well explained, and the cannabis market continues to grow at a rapid pace. It is important to note that I will not tip my hat prematurely to competitors nor individuals that do not hold to the best interests of the company. Timing means everything. If you’re a two-tick flipper looking to make a quick return on your rent money, this is not your stock. If you recognize that cannabis, natural medicine, and tele-healthcare technologies represent the next bull market, then you have found yourself a solid home amidst seasoned talent, experience, and financial gains.

2) I will also address the issue of the 300M increase in the A/S. Yes, it was increased. As of today, absolutely zero shares have been issued from the increase. They remain authorized only, and none of them have entered the float. Speculation that the company has been trading large blocks of shares on the market is false and baseless.


3) Lastly, apparently there is some concern regarding some photo(s) of me. I can see that TMZ has played far too much of a role in the American culture. Yes, the circulated photos are unapologetically, me. More specifically, it is a version of me. These photos were taken years ago.

In addition to a long career in technology, I’ve also enjoyed several years as a touring musician across two continents. This has brought me a great deal of perspective, experiences, and rare management expertise amidst fixed budgets and colorful personalities (managing a tour is actually far more chaotic than running a public company). Yes, some of my onstage personas have been a bit avante-garde, and I am not in the least bit apologetic for them. Nor do I imagine that any stage performer is, from film, stage, television, to music. Whether it be David Bowie, KISS, or Johnny Depp, each of these successful creatives have donned many personas for the purpose of creative expression and marketing savvy. My own journeys are full of good times, good memories, and more successes than most. It is a company musing that when BGMT graces the cover of Forbes (or similar) for cannabis, that the “musician” aspect of me would make for a much more engaging article/cover-photo than the business one. We shall see. I imagine it would be more interesting than “Zuckerberg in a Hoodie.“

The pirate jokes are well received and I laugh along. Nothing however beats a New Year’s Eve block party in Key West that I once attended in which a crass comedian in one of those water dunk tanks yelled out across the crowd “Arrr Matey, it seems you’ve lost the Black Pearl!” The entire nearby crowd, along with myself, erupted in laughter. He sent off a few more good one-liners and I enjoyed the jokes at my expense and those he also told about others nearby. Life means little without some good-hearted laughter.

Of course, I don’t show up to business meetings in “musician mode”, nor have I worn one my tour-worn straw hat in a very long time. I’ve signed a fair share of autographs, been featured in several magazines for my musical contributions, and have spent many hours in music studios. However, that’s not what BGMT is about. My interest is refocused upon technology and natural medicines. As a result of my (and others executives within BGMT’s) music relationships the company maintains strong ties to the entertainment community. As you might imagine, this is fantastic for cannabis marketing, as long as it stays medically relevant.

If you’re interested in pictures (should I be flattered?), I’ve attached one that was taken last week as part of some filming that BG Medical is completing. This PR has not yet been announced, so I cannot disclose anything further regarding that event.  If you were to meet me today, this is the person you would see. I hope I’m not disappointing anyone’s wild fantasies. No worries though, there will still be plenty of gold treasure available for everyone.


Good Reason for PR

Good Reasons for PR

Today we’ll revisit a topic I brought up a few weeks ago, “fluff press releases”. I’ve received a few emails that lead me to believe my previous post was misunderstood. This blog is to serve as increased clarity on my position of PR strategy.

There are different audiences for different types of press releases. They will seldom all agree on what news is good news, simply because each group benefits from different types of news. Here are my “good reasons” for PR:

To inform the media (television, print, radio, blog) of exciting advancements in the company.
In my opinion, this is the single most important reason for PR, hence the term press release. It is to give individuals in the media a reason to write a compelling story. As you might imagine, this should lead to media picking up the story and writing articles. Rarely though does this occur with a single press release — hence the term, PR strategy. Media individuals are very busy and looking for the best stories. Their reputation is based upon the stories they write. Therefore, they perform their own level of due diligence before considering a story. This investigation can often include a review of company history, which is often accessible as the collection of its previous press releases. Thusly, it is important to have a history of information for media to review.

To inform the customers of exciting advancements in the company.Typically the information feed goes from company -> media -> customer, however in today’s Internet age of “immediately relevant information” some customers like to know right away. Earlier adopters are often excited to learn about new features and company advancements. As a company within a highly political industry, there are also MMJ advocates who enjoy being the first to know new information.

To inform shareholders of exciting advancements in the company.
PR is also a great mechanism to inform current shareholders of new company changes and to inform new investors of a company’s direction. This is in addition to required public company disclosures. This establishes a credible history of progress, while also providing valuable insight.

Everything is a balance.

For example, take this press release:
BG Medical Technologies Issues Shareholder Update
This PR obviously presents information relative to shareholders. However, it bears little value to media other than historical research.

Now look at this press release:
Medical Marijuana Laboratory BudGenius Announces Free Online Medication Menu for Dispensaries
This holds little (at face value) to shareholders. Yet, this continues to be our most popular conversation for incoming emails, has earned us new traffic channels, media interest, and several new clients.

Simply, there are different updates for different purposes. All are relevant to company growth and how BGMT is building value over time. BGMT continues to stand behind my accord of a “no fluff” policy as each continued press release provides insight and value to media, shareholders, and/or customers.

Seeing Double?

Just as a pre-emptive notice, one of our media channels had a technical issue in which yesterday’s press release did not get released in full. They have made this up to us by honoring to send out the release again today as it should have been.

So if today looks like yesterday, rest assured, you’re not starring in Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. However if you’re just seeing it for the first time, we’re glad you received the news as it was meant to be.

BudGenius reveals MenuGenius!

Today BudGenius.com publicly announced MenuGenius.
Take a view of it here!

In our minds this is really what an MMJ menu should look like — colorful, informative, and fun to use. Yes, it’s medicine. This is also a beautiful plant that is often heralded for its splendor. To our knowledge, BudGenius has the largest high-quality photographic database of tested medicine in the world. Now we get to share it, en mass!

There’s more than a few competitors of ours out there that charge for their menu, although none have that total data that MenuGenius offers. Nearly everyone charges for their menu too. MenuGenius has it all, and it’s FREE. But the fun doesn’t stop here. We have much more that MenuGenius will grow into. Stay tuned for much more.

In our recent PR I mentioned a billboard campaign with a partner that we first launched an earlier version of MenuGenius with. They wanted something to spur their growth, and we had the magic MenuGenius mojo. Here’s one the co-opted billboards from around the greater Los Angeles area (If memory serves there were 25-50 boards in total?). BudGenius logo, bottom left.

Ahh, a splendid new feature for our product line.
What a great way to start the week!

Which Would You Prefer?

If both were equally effective, which would you prefer…
Cost Effective Natural Organic Medicines or Expensive Synthetic Pharmaceuticals?

We put a startling quote in a recent BG Medical Technologies press release, and it’s worth repeating: more people in the USA die from pharmaceutical medicines than traffic accidents.

I’m holding in my hand a copy of the LA Times from February 12th. The front page article highlights a cannabis testing lab (a peer lab, they do good work). However, on the left column is the reported death of Whitney Houston from a pharmaceutical overdose. The natural medicine creating controversy fills 75% of the page. Yet, the pharmaceutical-related death announcement of one the most incredible singers of our time takes up a small area. The irony is staggering.

Furthermore, healthcare costs continue to rise above affordable levels. The cost for good health care, organic natural foods, and a safe home environment are well beyond the reach of most Americans today. This is unacceptable to me, and it should be unacceptable to you as well. Take for example, the following infographic. It’s a real eye opener that highlights statistics regarding the % of people who file bankruptcy that are due to medical bills: http://www.lowcosthealthinsurance.com/healthcare-in-america/.

So what we to do as fathers, mothers, and concerned citizens, who care about our children, our collective future, and ourselves? We cannot simply accept a shorter life of lesser quality.

Over 50% of the United States now supports some form of medical marijuana legalization according to a recent Gallup poll. California and Colorado companies are the frontrunners in the charge for safe and regulated medical marijuana administration. BG Medical Technologies is a leader in educating patients and identifying safe-to-consume natural medicines.

I believe new and wider roads of acceptance begin with each of us supporting companies that are making strides in alternative treatment technologies, awareness, and efficiencies. But it’s not enough to just bring new technologies to market. These technologies must be affordable. Alternative medicine needs to be affordable. Organic foods need to be affordable. Educational information needs to be made widely available.

This is the path of BG Medical Technologies. With our newly announced entrance into telemedicine innovations, we will reduce the cost of healthcare, increase its convenience, and make healthy alternatives readily available. We will deploy a media infrastructure to educate that these options are available and ready for use.

This isn’t just about medical marijuana. It’s about the right to live a healthy life through a variety of safe and natural treatments. Yes, cannabis plays a massive role in turning the tide, and that’s why we’re here amidst a groundswell of American support.

Here’s what you can continue to expect from for BG Medical Technologies:

  • Innovative solutions that gather data on nature-based medical treatments for the most effective solutions for common and critical ailments.
  • Presentation of data in an easy to understand format that invites ongoing social contributions.
  • Internet applications to lower costs and improve convenience for alternative medical care.

Join BG Medical Technologies and other great companies that are contributing to solutions that support the human body instead of adding toxins. Together we can reduce pharmaceutical related deaths. Let’s increase quality of life and reduce health care costs.

Here’s what BG Medical Technologies is doing to solve the problem:


Reduce Health Care Costs

Medical Marijuana Treatments: Today is That Day

Today, I am inundated with studies on how medical marijuana treatments show favorable results in treating many critical conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. However, this information still remains unknown to many. Years ago, I too lived in a haze, and still believed, as many still believe, that our health care system acts fully in the interest of our own health. That belief still persisted until a close family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having recently lost a friend to cancer in the previous year, I deeply felt the gravity of the situation, and I began to do research to assist my family.

What I uncovered was rather disturbing.

I found information on cancer treatments and adjunct therapies that were completely ignored by mainstream medicine. I also learned that the typical treatment regiment was “slash, burn, and poison” (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy), an approach that nearly as many died from the treatments as they did the cancer itself. Such a low success rate would have been considered barbaric and be fully abandoned by any other modern standard of treatment, if it hadn’t not been for one overwhelming factor: the profitability of patented cancer treatment drugs and procedures. The torpedo that sunk the ship for me was learning that when chemotherapy is prescribed, it’s well known that these drugs attack both good and bad cells in its path. Is a nutritionist brought in to assist in replenishing the human body? No. Instead, more pharmaceuticals are prescribed to combat “symptoms” instead of a restorative approach to health. I had read enough. There must have been a better way to combat this disease.

I stood by my family member at one of the most prestigious cancer treatment facilities in the nation. My family member allowed them to perform surgery on the breast; to remove what noticeable tumors were on the x-rays. A host of other treatments were suggested “just to be sure”, including the removal of her nearby lymph nodes (mind you, the lymphatic system is critical function of the human immune system to prevent disease). The family member opted against further surgery and well as radiation and chemo. We instead supported her by radical diet change, an environmental change, and nutritional supplements. The doctors at the facility were appalled. They were conditioned to not think outside the box and disavowed anything beyond the standard treatment approach of slash, burn, and poison. In their defense, if the doctors sanctioned anything other than the standard pharmaceutical regiment they could lose their license and be unable to practice medicine in the future. This is the clever catch-22 that keeps the malfeasant system supporting itself. 

I’m happy to report that seven years later, there is no recurrence of cancer in my family member’s life. She is healthy and well. I do understand however, that every patient’s needs are different. I also do not discount the benefit of the incredible discoveries of modern medicine and many good doctors! Unfortunately, our current healthcare system can become a confining mindset that often does not accept a dual path of naturopathy treatments. Instead the propaganda is stacked to force acceptance of staggering treatment costs (some of which are quite toxic) and insurance loopholes that seem only to benefit the privileged few.

It is my personal belief that nutritional and naturopathy treatment should always accompany traditional treatment. I am a staunch believer in minimally invasive and natural health solutions that are made affordable to everyone, regardless of race, financial bracket, and home region.

A second story begins with one of the directors of a previous company I headed. We’ll call him “The Director”; a computer programmer with a fairly sedentary lifestyle that smoked cigarettes like a chimney (to each their own). When speaking with him on the phone I began to notice massive coughing fits that he would be overcome by. In person, when this occurred it would nearly bring him to his knees. It was the sort of cough where people nearby would look over with a cautious eye and then form a wide arc when approaching. The Director said that he felt in good health except for the cough. He had been to three different ears, nose, and throat doctors (“ENTs”) that performed a variety of tests, each with the same diagnosis: “stop smoking”. His reply was simple, “Lots of people I know smoke. Yet none of them cough like this. In reality you have no idea what this is, do you?” and he’d walk out of their office with prescriptions in hand that ultimately led to undesired side effects in addition to the ongoing cough. After hearing about this a few times, I suggested to The Director that he let me fly him down to visit a doctor I knew of that practiced in natural medicine. The good doctor also had some technology components that looked like something you’d expect to see on Star Trek. The Director flew in as agreed, and visited the doctor on my dime. After all, he had nothing to lose in the offer. He sat through a diagnosis that didn’t involve tubes down the throat, but rather this unique gadgetry and some non-invasive tests. Following the examination, The Director was given a list of natural nutrients to take. The Director was skeptical, but I asked him to trust the process.

After a few weeks of following the doctor’s orders, the cough was completely gone. The Director had previously suffered with this cough for 6 months. Once given the right nutrients, the body healed itself. An instance of out of the box thinking solved what 3 “traditional” doctors could not. I’ve sent several more people to this doctor over the following years. I vowed one day to return to the wonders of the types of incredible technologies he had used in his practice.

With the announcement of BG Medical Technologies entering into the research and development of diagnostic hardware… Today is That Day.

I’m thrilled to be placing BG Medical Technologies on the road to help provide safe and natural healthcare options to those seeking alternatives to traditional therapy. I also believe that no one should take alternate health care solutions at face value, but instead should rely on due diligence that involves empirical data to help guide physician recommendations and self-administration options. Our path as a company is to provide that data in an easily understood format for all interested parties to learn from.

BG Medical Technologies has announced our development plans for an affordable diagnostic-support device that assists patients in determining which cannabis strains and adjunct nutrients will most effectively treat the patient for cannabis-treatable ailments.

This continues to follow BG’s publicly stated product strategy.

Watch an independently filmed short movie on self-administration of medical cannabis for skin cancer here.


Please note: None of the statements in this web site have been evaluated by the FDA. Furthermore, none of the statements in this web site should be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure of diseases. You should consult a licensed health care professional before starting any supplement or medical program especially if you are pregnant or have any pre existing injuries or medical conditions.

Murphy and his Lovely Law.

Today we launched a beautiful new website for BG Medical Technologies, http://www.BgMedTech.com. The site is an informational area for our shareholders, as well as a general information site for medical marijuana investors.

This is the fastest turnaround time in which we’ve developed a web app. We pushed our writers, designers, dev team, and our exec team to move the new website to launch ASAP. We tackled a new framework for dynamic content, and as always, built the application from the ground up. This isn’t a website, it’s a content engine in which we have full control over the presentation layer. It’s an internal product that wil allow us a heightened level of corporate communication to media, shareholders, and individuals. However, our “damn the torpedoes” approach showed a bit on launch day. The new framework had incompatibilities on the live server area versus the staging area. We went straight from development to live server. Often that approach can work in deadline crunch time for new products, but inevitably once in a while things go awry.

My thanks to the patience of our shareholders and interested media who were anxiously awaiting the launch of the site. We got her up after a bit, but it took us a few configs to set the new server right. The team had to manually reconfigure several sections too, some of which is still ongoing.

The site is up! …and other portions are still forthcoming! So stay tuned for daily updates. We’re also cycling it from time to time to improve stability. It is likely we’ll be up/down for a few moments over the next few days while continue to add exciting new features. The remaining kinks will be hammered out by Friday. Then we shall continue on to more information, more announcements, and more growth!


5 Types of Unnecessary Press Releases


Today feels like a good day for expressing a personal opinion on:
“Fluff press releases”

The practice of fluff PR has often irked me. I recently spoke with an officer previously with a public cannabis company that shared my views. It was a great conversation that I feel compelled to continue here. In a roundabout way this is a plea to restore sanity in the cannabis industry where some industry executives allocate more time to share-price development rather than product development. I encourage shareholders to look closer and hold companies responsible for their statements. Many have been made with product/service forecasts often forthcoming and seldom arriving. While I run the risk of alienating myself from a few of my peers with this article, I expect more from our industry.

What 5 things do I consider to be “fluff PR”?

1) Solely expressing ones opinion
I feel this is what blogs are for, not press releases. Another fine outlet for opinions is contributing to independent bloggers or media personalities that request quotes for articles.

2) A release with no tangible information regarding progress or plans
I understand that some companies run with a strategy of pushing PR to keep conversations going. Personally, I’m ok with uncomfortable silence if there’s nothing to be said. I also enjoy suspense. The person at a party who needs to hear themselves speak may have a self-esteem issue they’re compensating for. The same holds true for companies.

3) PR-as-a-news-service
Parroting a news article as a press release seems hollow to me. I would suggest instead that companies work with media contacts to release an article on important topics that include how the company is related. If it’s truly important news, people will want to hear of it and writers will be excited. If a company is connected with a news piece, writers will love to have the company’s opinion. If a company feels they absolutely must speak about it personally, perhaps they should write an article for their website. Shareholders aren’t simpletons. They are capable of following news regarding their investments.

4) Repeatedly stating what your company is “going to do”.
Ok, this is touchy territory. There are good reasons to discuss company plans, as that is important to shareholders. However, talking about industry progress (not to be confused with company progress) isn’t a forward-looking statement. Yet, if the same “going to do” statements are repeated for month or years it then becomes a fib to build false confidence. If its been said once, it’s enough. If it needs to be said more than once, tell me what tangible progress the company has made since the last time it was said. To adjust a quote from the movie Jerry Maguire… “Show me the product!”

5) Hollow intentions (LOI fluff)
Here’s a dirty little secret. There’s a selection of cannabis companies that had no product/service, but had a plan, raised capital, and then spent all the money. Now they’re stuck with no operating capital. Notably, some of them are recovering. However, some are releasing fluff PR and making speculative deals just to see if it moves their stock price. Investors should put a keen eye to due diligence on such announcements. If an LOI was announced, 3-6 months later, there should be a directly correlated product/service benefit that is publicly measurable. An LOI should be followed by a contract. A contract should be followed by progress. Progress should be followed by verifiable evidence in the form of a product, service, company data, and/or revenue. If not, shareholders should be informed what (or what did not) happen. I’d like to see a little more integrity from cannabis companies on this topic.

I publicly commit that BG Med Tech will abstain from fluff PR and will instead release news about real progress.

(I use the word “limit” because inevitably someone will challenge my opinion on what is and isn’t relevant. Note: my personal barometer is the five reasons above.)

If there’s nothing new to say, we’ll be quietly working on what we’ve already said. If a progress report is due, then one will be provided that includes tangible results. If priorities have shifted, I’ll speak to our shareholders about plans that have been revised, what shifted in the market, and how we addressed that shift with new ideas. We’ll keep a blog for highlighting relevant industry news and will keep our PR about what BG Med Tech is accomplishing.

We will continue to stand with integrity behind what we say.

. . . .

Lastly, aren’t you glad you read this opinion on a blog and not a PR?

Reverse-Merger Announced!

Today we announced the reverse-merger of BG Med Tech with public company Right Smile, Inc. (OTC: RIGH.PK).


This is a historic day for our entire team as we look forward to building value for the current shareholders of RIGH, and invite new shareholders from the medical cannabis industry to join us. On completion of the merger, BudGenius.com will become the first publicly-traded medical cannabis laboratory in the world. That’s a strong position that represents the countless hours of overtime that our dedicated developers, lab techs, and sales team have sacrificed of themselves to reach. I’m proud of every team member for their contributions. I’m also thankful to each of their families for providing their unending support.

As an entrepreneur I see opportunities come and go daily. Ideas peak. Companies ebb and flow. Technology runs in patterns. However, this moment is the honey nectar. It’s the morning wind that fills the sails.  It’s the start of the bell curve sharply upward. Our team just won it’s season and we’ve got our position in the playoffs. We’re well-honed, well-practiced, and all eyes are watching. The real fun begins now. The critics emerge. The fans go wild. There’s a grand pause between this win and the next game. It’s a serene stillness where one takes a gasp of fresh air upon a new plateau. One is only granted a few of these select moments in a lifetime of career runs. I’m smiling ear-to-ear because I know how much fun this next round is.

As the merger completes, the rubber connects with the road again. This time the engines roar louder than before, powered now with rocket fuel. This is the tech-climb. No room for missed deadlines. No room for SNAFUs. We double down with new resources and execute the creative juice to soar to new heights.

I still remember the first team I crossed this chasm with. We changed the world forever with the technology we developed.

Darn RIGHt, we’re going to do it again!


Hello World!

Today begins a new chapter.
I’ve erased the old blog entirely, and begun anew.

Just as there is a new design theme to my blog, there will be a new content theme as well. I look forward to showcasing the impact of alternative health remedies. I’m excited to explore new and inspiring paradigms in company management inspiration. I’m thrilled with new steps our immensely talented team will be progressing forward with in 2012. For all these reasons and more, there is much to speak about.

I find the few hundred words in a press release limiting. I recognize that our in-house media is geared towards education and tutorials for our clients. Yet, I yearn for an outlet to discuss the “why” not the “what”. This blog is about the why.

This blog is also about exploring the why of others that our company interacts with. We live in amazing times of amazing change. Group consciousness is recognizing the need for sustainable models. Citizens worldwide are waking up to the knowledge that the traditional need to be modified to be able to continue. Some models may have already peaked. Like evolution in nature, new models replace ones that have run their course… just like this new blog.

This aura of change is what inspires me each day to innovate. This is the essence that will be represented here. Thank you for joining me upon this riveting journey!