Today became a landmark day for the cannabis industry, and for the voting citizens of the United States, when Attorney General Eric Holder advised the Federal Justice System to respect state’s rights in allowing states to create a regulatory system for legal, recreational, cannabis commerce. This hinged on a set of reasonable-appearing guidelines that, among several statements, ensured safety for children, restricted state-to-state cannabis commerce, and prevented international drug cartels from profiting.

A Huffington Post top story headline, “DOJ SURRENDERS ON LEGAL WEED”

A CNN article exclaimed, “No federal challenge to pot legalization in two states”’s Executive Director, Rob Cambia, released an email titled, “Federal Government Backing Off War on Marijuana”

This is the strongest shift in federal drug policy since the beginning of Nixon’s War on Drugs in 1971, some 42 years ago. We are pleased at this progress, and by the look of the public markets today, so were many others.

I’m taking this moment to announce that we’ll be resuming full shareholder communications very soon. Some time ago I had stated that we were awaiting the “runway to be cleared” for us to press forward with our key agendas.  We have spent months clearing this runway to support our lift off in a coordinated, strategic, and genuine manner. That time is now here.

There are many things I’d like to express today, however these will be best left to official press releases. These releases are not likely to occur tomorrow, nor the day after, but “soon”. To continue the previous metaphor, the hanger doors are now open and the jet is being prepared. The flight crew is completing its checklist. Stay tuned as BG Medical matches the momentum occurring across our country on this special day.