BG Medical Technologies was upgraded to OTC Pink Current Information status (OTC: RIGH) after the recent submission of our detailed financials and Attorney Letter in Respect to Current Information. That’s great news.

Also, great news is occurring on the national landscape too:

The Rolling Stone 
› Nine Signs That [Full] Legalization Is Coming Soon

Huffington Post
› Marijuana Legalization May Pass In At Least 1 State This Year

Medical Marijuana Advocates To Appeals Court: Drug Enforcement Administration ‘Acted Arbitrarily’

 Melissa Etheridge Supports Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol In New Radio Ad

› Washington May Approve Marijuana Sales For Customers Over 21 In Nation’s First State-Licensed Shops


We can’t wait for Election Day. Our nation is demanding policy change and we’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this nexus of emergent technology, the Internet, and natural medicines.