While city regulators in California continue to experiment with a balance of policies that support existing laws, new polling data on a nationwide level is showing strong support for additional legalization, and full legalization (no doctor’s recommendation required). Each of these surveys are for new measures that will be voted on this year.

Here’s the data:

The poll found that 47% of likely voters surveyed support MMJ legalization compared with 46% who oppose it. The remaining 7% are undecided.

The latest poll found that 59% of likely voters support the legalization of medical marijuana in the state, while just 35% are opposed.

poll conducted earlier this month found support for the legalization measure (called Amendment 64) at about 51%. Roughly 40% of likely voters oppose it, while 8% said they are unsure.

The state’s marijuana legalization measure – called Initiative 502 – has the support of 57% of voters, according to the latest poll released on Sept. 11. Just 34% of likely voters said they oppose marijuana legalization, and 9% are not sure yet.

the most recent poll shows that 37% of likely voters support a marijuana legalization initiative (Measure 80) compared with 41% who oppose it. With 22% of voters still undecided

These are excerpts from a larger article written by MMJ Business Daily, available here.