Several recent articles that are worth drawing your attention to:

› Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

› As Vermont Approves Marijuana Dispensaries, Towns Prepare To Host Them

› Indiana Lawmaker to Push to Decriminalize Marijuana Possession

› Feds Target LA in Medical Marijuana Crackdown

So, let’s see here… which one of these headlines doesn’t belong with the others? Ah yes, the “Feds Target LA” one. If this concerns you, please review all the reasons I’ve detailed in a previous blog titled, Don’t Panic. They still apply, and will continue to for quite some time.

Applicability of alternative medicines continue to evolve. Medical cannabis acceptance continues to evolve. State and local regulations continue to evolve. Peer reviewed scientific studies continue to emerge regarding the successful treatments of debilitating diseases utilizing natural medicines. These trends are climbing upward.

When speaking with colleagues and new entrepreneurs, I often encapsulate the ability to succeed as a technology provider in the medical cannabis field in two words, “Be Nimble“. Regulations shift quickly in this industry requiring lasting providers to be quick on their feet to adjust to the changing landscape. BG Medical addresses this with a flexible medical cannabis strategy as well as a long-term strategy focused on balanced natural care. Our team embraces change as an expectation, not a burden.

For shareholders it’s critical to remember that BG Medical’s ultimate mission is to deliver low-cost natural health care solutions to the medically uninsured, and to introduce new options to the medically-insured seeking alternative solutions to pharmaceutical care. is our first model, a well-deployed brand that services the medical cannabis community through safety and education. It is also an initial prototype to assist us in refining our technology as we grow to serve a much larger market focused on many natural medicines. It is suffice to say that if the MMJ market dried up tomorrow (hah, that’s highly unlikely: medical cannabis national voter support), our mission and company objectives would remain strong and in good standing.

Good luck in your day, today. And remember — Be nimble!