I’ve received several emails recently regarding the “Los Angeles dispensary ban”, and how that may effect BudGenius. We regularly monitor legal actions regarding cannabis, and participate with advocacy groups that support patient rights. Actions such as this should evoke a strong response from our industry, and it does. Through continued participation in this process, from companies, patients, and caregivers, we believe this to be one step among many past, and more in the future, that will pave the way for clearer guidelines on dispensary operations.

Here are a few talking points to keep in mind:

1)   Our industry is evolving, and it will continue to evolve.

There have been many laws, many bans, many lawsuits, and many counter lawsuits. This is one more step down the path towards clarity. When a regulation is enacted, it can also be redacted. Medical cannabis has a long history of complex case law that often oversteps decrees from regional officials.

Although do note, there are some reasonable positions for improved regulation. There are many different types of dispensaries and dispensaries owners. Unfortunately, not all of them support the concept of medical administration, although many do (especially BudGenius clients). There is an ongoing push-pull effect of looking to find way to remove dispensaries that appear as “pot shops”, and to support those that position themselves that are “wellness centers”.  It is felt by many that a location dispensing pot on the street corner isn’t the best image for a community. However, a location that serves as medical facility offering natural remedies to citizens who cannot afford expensive pharmaceuticals, and also serves patients that choose a natural form of medicine administration, is a much more favorable addition to a community.

For example, acupuncture was once illegal. It took action to allow its practice here in the USA. Like cannabis, it began in one state and then took root across the United States. This began in the mid-1970s. Kentucky just began providing a legal process for acupuncture in 2007.

Change takes time, pressure, and solidarity of the American people.

Through our technologies, BudGenius supports highlighting the medical benefits of cannabis through our testing processes and information collecting from the patient community. BGMT is already strategizing on the development of diagnostic hardware to collect data from the body itself. Our focus is firmly on the medical benefits of natural medicines for patients, dispensaries, and caregivers. We are a support mechanism for dispensaries that choose to embrace this evolution.

2)   Medical cannabis wins votes

74% of Americans support medical cannabis administration. Even ultra-conservative Pat Robertson has come out in support of medical cannabis. However, since we do not cast votes as individuals, but instead elect representatives to do so, these issues take time to be reflected within those we elect to represent our interests.

3)   BG Medical Technologies is a natural health technology company, not a cannabis company

BGMT supports the use of medical use of cannabis because the data BudGenius collects supports its efficacy. However, examining medical cannabis is just the beginning of our journey in technology development.

The core of our mission is focused on delivering an Internet-based platform that places affordable natural health solutions in front of every American. Medical cannabis is a great place to galvanize a patient base. It embodies 1.5M patients nationwide that are already attuned to the benefits of natural medicine, and the BudGenius brand is well known within the market. This is our “runway” as we passionately serve this niche and then begin to lift off to further heights. BGMT is here to deliver natural healthcare solutions for all Americans, and the 6 billion people across our globe, for medical cannabis, and additional plant-based remedies.


So keep in mind when you read news articles regarding the medical cannabis industry that there will be fluctuations. This is a natural process of legal evolution.

We also encourage you to be involved on your local level and make your opinion known to your elected representatives.