This week I answered some email questions sent in by shareholders. None of the information expressed was “insider” in nature, as it presented no previously unknown information regarding the company. This is a blog, and neither here, nor in email, can I mention specifics in private communications that would give any shareholder a personal trading advantage without a PR disclosure.

There are 3 pressing issues that we have received consistent communications on, that I will offer comment for.

1) Yes, the company has delayed the release of financials. Yes, there are good reasons for this. We wouldn’t be the first cannabis stock to do this, and probably won’t be the last. As a shareholder I understand that you may choose to disagree. BGMT’s business model has been well explained, and the cannabis market continues to grow at a rapid pace. It is important to note that I will not tip my hat prematurely to competitors nor individuals that do not hold to the best interests of the company. Timing means everything. If you’re a two-tick flipper looking to make a quick return on your rent money, this is not your stock. If you recognize that cannabis, natural medicine, and tele-healthcare technologies represent the next bull market, then you have found yourself a solid home amidst seasoned talent, experience, and financial gains.

2) I will also address the issue of the 300M increase in the A/S. Yes, it was increased. As of today, absolutely zero shares have been issued from the increase. They remain authorized only, and none of them have entered the float. Speculation that the company has been trading large blocks of shares on the market is false and baseless.


3) Lastly, apparently there is some concern regarding some photo(s) of me. I can see that TMZ has played far too much of a role in the American culture. Yes, the circulated photos are unapologetically, me. More specifically, it is a version of me. These photos were taken years ago.

In addition to a long career in technology, I’ve also enjoyed several years as a touring musician across two continents. This has brought me a great deal of perspective, experiences, and rare management expertise amidst fixed budgets and colorful personalities (managing a tour is actually far more chaotic than running a public company). Yes, some of my onstage personas have been a bit avante-garde, and I am not in the least bit apologetic for them. Nor do I imagine that any stage performer is, from film, stage, television, to music. Whether it be David Bowie, KISS, or Johnny Depp, each of these successful creatives have donned many personas for the purpose of creative expression and marketing savvy. My own journeys are full of good times, good memories, and more successes than most. It is a company musing that when BGMT graces the cover of Forbes (or similar) for cannabis, that the “musician” aspect of me would make for a much more engaging article/cover-photo than the business one. We shall see. I imagine it would be more interesting than “Zuckerberg in a Hoodie.“

The pirate jokes are well received and I laugh along. Nothing however beats a New Year’s Eve block party in Key West that I once attended in which a crass comedian in one of those water dunk tanks yelled out across the crowd “Arrr Matey, it seems you’ve lost the Black Pearl!” The entire nearby crowd, along with myself, erupted in laughter. He sent off a few more good one-liners and I enjoyed the jokes at my expense and those he also told about others nearby. Life means little without some good-hearted laughter.

Of course, I don’t show up to business meetings in “musician mode”, nor have I worn one my tour-worn straw hat in a very long time. I’ve signed a fair share of autographs, been featured in several magazines for my musical contributions, and have spent many hours in music studios. However, that’s not what BGMT is about. My interest is refocused upon technology and natural medicines. As a result of my (and others executives within BGMT’s) music relationships the company maintains strong ties to the entertainment community. As you might imagine, this is fantastic for cannabis marketing, as long as it stays medically relevant.

If you’re interested in pictures (should I be flattered?), I’ve attached one that was taken last week as part of some filming that BG Medical is completing. This PR has not yet been announced, so I cannot disclose anything further regarding that event.  If you were to meet me today, this is the person you would see. I hope I’m not disappointing anyone’s wild fantasies. No worries though, there will still be plenty of gold treasure available for everyone.