Today publicly announced MenuGenius.
Take a view of it here!

In our minds this is really what an MMJ menu should look like — colorful, informative, and fun to use. Yes, it’s medicine. This is also a beautiful plant that is often heralded for its splendor. To our knowledge, BudGenius has the largest high-quality photographic database of tested medicine in the world. Now we get to share it, en mass!

There’s more than a few competitors of ours out there that charge for their menu, although none have that total data that MenuGenius offers. Nearly everyone charges for their menu too. MenuGenius has it all, and it’s FREE. But the fun doesn’t stop here. We have much more that MenuGenius will grow into. Stay tuned for much more.

In our recent PR I mentioned a billboard campaign with a partner that we first launched an earlier version of MenuGenius with. They wanted something to spur their growth, and we had the magic MenuGenius mojo. Here’s one the co-opted billboards from around the greater Los Angeles area (If memory serves there were 25-50 boards in total?). BudGenius logo, bottom left.

Ahh, a splendid new feature for our product line.
What a great way to start the week!