If both were equally effective, which would you prefer…
Cost Effective Natural Organic Medicines or Expensive Synthetic Pharmaceuticals?

We put a startling quote in a recent BG Medical Technologies press release, and it’s worth repeating: more people in the USA die from pharmaceutical medicines than traffic accidents.

I’m holding in my hand a copy of the LA Times from February 12th. The front page article highlights a cannabis testing lab (a peer lab, they do good work). However, on the left column is the reported death of Whitney Houston from a pharmaceutical overdose. The natural medicine creating controversy fills 75% of the page. Yet, the pharmaceutical-related death announcement of one the most incredible singers of our time takes up a small area. The irony is staggering.

Furthermore, healthcare costs continue to rise above affordable levels. The cost for good health care, organic natural foods, and a safe home environment are well beyond the reach of most Americans today. This is unacceptable to me, and it should be unacceptable to you as well. Take for example, the following infographic. It’s a real eye opener that highlights statistics regarding the % of people who file bankruptcy that are due to medical bills: http://www.lowcosthealthinsurance.com/healthcare-in-america/.

So what we to do as fathers, mothers, and concerned citizens, who care about our children, our collective future, and ourselves? We cannot simply accept a shorter life of lesser quality.

Over 50% of the United States now supports some form of medical marijuana legalization according to a recent Gallup poll. California and Colorado companies are the frontrunners in the charge for safe and regulated medical marijuana administration. BG Medical Technologies is a leader in educating patients and identifying safe-to-consume natural medicines.

I believe new and wider roads of acceptance begin with each of us supporting companies that are making strides in alternative treatment technologies, awareness, and efficiencies. But it’s not enough to just bring new technologies to market. These technologies must be affordable. Alternative medicine needs to be affordable. Organic foods need to be affordable. Educational information needs to be made widely available.

This is the path of BG Medical Technologies. With our newly announced entrance into telemedicine innovations, we will reduce the cost of healthcare, increase its convenience, and make healthy alternatives readily available. We will deploy a media infrastructure to educate that these options are available and ready for use.

This isn’t just about medical marijuana. It’s about the right to live a healthy life through a variety of safe and natural treatments. Yes, cannabis plays a massive role in turning the tide, and that’s why we’re here amidst a groundswell of American support.

Here’s what you can continue to expect from for BG Medical Technologies:

  • Innovative solutions that gather data on nature-based medical treatments for the most effective solutions for common and critical ailments.
  • Presentation of data in an easy to understand format that invites ongoing social contributions.
  • Internet applications to lower costs and improve convenience for alternative medical care.

Join BG Medical Technologies and other great companies that are contributing to solutions that support the human body instead of adding toxins. Together we can reduce pharmaceutical related deaths. Let’s increase quality of life and reduce health care costs.

Here’s what BG Medical Technologies is doing to solve the problem:


Reduce Health Care Costs