Today, I am inundated with studies on how medical marijuana treatments show favorable results in treating many critical conditions like cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. However, this information still remains unknown to many. Years ago, I too lived in a haze, and still believed, as many still believe, that our health care system acts fully in the interest of our own health. That belief still persisted until a close family member was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having recently lost a friend to cancer in the previous year, I deeply felt the gravity of the situation, and I began to do research to assist my family.

What I uncovered was rather disturbing.

I found information on cancer treatments and adjunct therapies that were completely ignored by mainstream medicine. I also learned that the typical treatment regiment was “slash, burn, and poison” (surgery, radiation, chemotherapy), an approach that nearly as many died from the treatments as they did the cancer itself. Such a low success rate would have been considered barbaric and be fully abandoned by any other modern standard of treatment, if it hadn’t not been for one overwhelming factor: the profitability of patented cancer treatment drugs and procedures. The torpedo that sunk the ship for me was learning that when chemotherapy is prescribed, it’s well known that these drugs attack both good and bad cells in its path. Is a nutritionist brought in to assist in replenishing the human body? No. Instead, more pharmaceuticals are prescribed to combat “symptoms” instead of a restorative approach to health. I had read enough. There must have been a better way to combat this disease.

I stood by my family member at one of the most prestigious cancer treatment facilities in the nation. My family member allowed them to perform surgery on the breast; to remove what noticeable tumors were on the x-rays. A host of other treatments were suggested “just to be sure”, including the removal of her nearby lymph nodes (mind you, the lymphatic system is critical function of the human immune system to prevent disease). The family member opted against further surgery and well as radiation and chemo. We instead supported her by radical diet change, an environmental change, and nutritional supplements. The doctors at the facility were appalled. They were conditioned to not think outside the box and disavowed anything beyond the standard treatment approach of slash, burn, and poison. In their defense, if the doctors sanctioned anything other than the standard pharmaceutical regiment they could lose their license and be unable to practice medicine in the future. This is the clever catch-22 that keeps the malfeasant system supporting itself. 

I’m happy to report that seven years later, there is no recurrence of cancer in my family member’s life. She is healthy and well. I do understand however, that every patient’s needs are different. I also do not discount the benefit of the incredible discoveries of modern medicine and many good doctors! Unfortunately, our current healthcare system can become a confining mindset that often does not accept a dual path of naturopathy treatments. Instead the propaganda is stacked to force acceptance of staggering treatment costs (some of which are quite toxic) and insurance loopholes that seem only to benefit the privileged few.

It is my personal belief that nutritional and naturopathy treatment should always accompany traditional treatment. I am a staunch believer in minimally invasive and natural health solutions that are made affordable to everyone, regardless of race, financial bracket, and home region.

A second story begins with one of the directors of a previous company I headed. We’ll call him “The Director”; a computer programmer with a fairly sedentary lifestyle that smoked cigarettes like a chimney (to each their own). When speaking with him on the phone I began to notice massive coughing fits that he would be overcome by. In person, when this occurred it would nearly bring him to his knees. It was the sort of cough where people nearby would look over with a cautious eye and then form a wide arc when approaching. The Director said that he felt in good health except for the cough. He had been to three different ears, nose, and throat doctors (“ENTs”) that performed a variety of tests, each with the same diagnosis: “stop smoking”. His reply was simple, “Lots of people I know smoke. Yet none of them cough like this. In reality you have no idea what this is, do you?” and he’d walk out of their office with prescriptions in hand that ultimately led to undesired side effects in addition to the ongoing cough. After hearing about this a few times, I suggested to The Director that he let me fly him down to visit a doctor I knew of that practiced in natural medicine. The good doctor also had some technology components that looked like something you’d expect to see on Star Trek. The Director flew in as agreed, and visited the doctor on my dime. After all, he had nothing to lose in the offer. He sat through a diagnosis that didn’t involve tubes down the throat, but rather this unique gadgetry and some non-invasive tests. Following the examination, The Director was given a list of natural nutrients to take. The Director was skeptical, but I asked him to trust the process.

After a few weeks of following the doctor’s orders, the cough was completely gone. The Director had previously suffered with this cough for 6 months. Once given the right nutrients, the body healed itself. An instance of out of the box thinking solved what 3 “traditional” doctors could not. I’ve sent several more people to this doctor over the following years. I vowed one day to return to the wonders of the types of incredible technologies he had used in his practice.

With the announcement of BG Medical Technologies entering into the research and development of diagnostic hardware… Today is That Day.

I’m thrilled to be placing BG Medical Technologies on the road to help provide safe and natural healthcare options to those seeking alternatives to traditional therapy. I also believe that no one should take alternate health care solutions at face value, but instead should rely on due diligence that involves empirical data to help guide physician recommendations and self-administration options. Our path as a company is to provide that data in an easily understood format for all interested parties to learn from.

BG Medical Technologies has announced our development plans for an affordable diagnostic-support device that assists patients in determining which cannabis strains and adjunct nutrients will most effectively treat the patient for cannabis-treatable ailments.

This continues to follow BG’s publicly stated product strategy.

Watch an independently filmed short movie on self-administration of medical cannabis for skin cancer here.


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