Today we launched a beautiful new website for BG Medical Technologies, The site is an informational area for our shareholders, as well as a general information site for medical marijuana investors.

This is the fastest turnaround time in which we’ve developed a web app. We pushed our writers, designers, dev team, and our exec team to move the new website to launch ASAP. We tackled a new framework for dynamic content, and as always, built the application from the ground up. This isn’t a website, it’s a content engine in which we have full control over the presentation layer. It’s an internal product that wil allow us a heightened level of corporate communication to media, shareholders, and individuals. However, our “damn the torpedoes” approach showed a bit on launch day. The new framework had incompatibilities on the live server area versus the staging area. We went straight from development to live server. Often that approach can work in deadline crunch time for new products, but inevitably once in a while things go awry.

My thanks to the patience of our shareholders and interested media who were anxiously awaiting the launch of the site. We got her up after a bit, but it took us a few configs to set the new server right. The team had to manually reconfigure several sections too, some of which is still ongoing.

The site is up! …and other portions are still forthcoming! So stay tuned for daily updates. We’re also cycling it from time to time to improve stability. It is likely we’ll be up/down for a few moments over the next few days while continue to add exciting new features. The remaining kinks will be hammered out by Friday. Then we shall continue on to more information, more announcements, and more growth!