Today we announced the reverse-merger of BG Med Tech with public company Right Smile, Inc. (OTC: RIGH.PK).

This is a historic day for our entire team as we look forward to building value for the current shareholders of RIGH, and invite new shareholders from the medical cannabis industry to join us. On completion of the merger, will become the first publicly-traded medical cannabis laboratory in the world. That’s a strong position that represents the countless hours of overtime that our dedicated developers, lab techs, and sales team have sacrificed of themselves to reach. I’m proud of every team member for their contributions. I’m also thankful to each of their families for providing their unending support.

As an entrepreneur I see opportunities come and go daily. Ideas peak. Companies ebb and flow. Technology runs in patterns. However, this moment is the honey nectar. It’s the morning wind that fills the sails.  It’s the start of the bell curve sharply upward. Our team just won it’s season and we’ve got our position in the playoffs. We’re well-honed, well-practiced, and all eyes are watching. The real fun begins now. The critics emerge. The fans go wild. There’s a grand pause between this win and the next game. It’s a serene stillness where one takes a gasp of fresh air upon a new plateau. One is only granted a few of these select moments in a lifetime of career runs. I’m smiling ear-to-ear because I know how much fun this next round is.

As the merger completes, the rubber connects with the road again. This time the engines roar louder than before, powered now with rocket fuel. This is the tech-climb. No room for missed deadlines. No room for SNAFUs. We double down with new resources and execute the creative juice to soar to new heights.

I still remember the first team I crossed this chasm with. We changed the world forever with the technology we developed.

Darn RIGHt, we’re going to do it again!