Today begins a new chapter.
I’ve erased the old blog entirely, and begun anew.

Just as there is a new design theme to my blog, there will be a new content theme as well. I look forward to showcasing the impact of alternative health remedies. I’m excited to explore new and inspiring paradigms in company management inspiration. I’m thrilled with new steps our immensely talented team will be progressing forward with in 2012. For all these reasons and more, there is much to speak about.

I find the few hundred words in a press release limiting. I recognize that our in-house media is geared towards education and tutorials for our clients. Yet, I yearn for an outlet to discuss the “why” not the “what”. This blog is about the why.

This blog is also about exploring the why of others that our company interacts with. We live in amazing times of amazing change. Group consciousness is recognizing the need for sustainable models. Citizens worldwide are waking up to the knowledge that the traditional need to be modified to be able to continue. Some models may have already peaked. Like evolution in nature, new models replace ones that have run their course… just like this new blog.

This aura of change is what inspires me each day to innovate. This is the essence that will be represented here. Thank you for joining me upon this riveting journey!